East Valley


CJ recently helped my wife and I purchase our first home and was a pleasure to work with! He’s everything you could ask for in a broker…knowledgeable, professional, great listener, strong negotiator and clearly very well respected by his peers. There is an ease about the way in which he conducts himself even amidst the stress that comes with negotiating such an important personal transaction. I would recommend CJ to anyone, without hesitation.

Sean and Holly E.

We have worked with CJ both buying and selling homes. CJ helped us navigate an aggressive market. His professionalism and knowledge made our experience easy

Cory and Courtney H.

My wife and I have bought and sold multiple homes through CJ over the years! We highly recommend CJ to anyone in the market looking to buy or sell a home. CJ is the most reliable, relatable, and responsive real estate agent in the Valley. Look, buying or selling a home is a stressful process. It is extremely important to have an agent who is both patient and diligent in their approach. These are key qualities that CJ possesses. You will not be disappointed in the results that you receive if you hire CJ to help you.

Jonathan and Gianna N.

Availability – CJ went out of his way to show us many homes. It got to a point that I my wife and I even told him that he didn’t need to go to a open house with us or that we could simply drive by on our own to check out the location. He insisted that if we were there he was there, and I am glad he did.

Industry Knowledge – CJ represented us as both a buyer and a seller. There were multiple concessions that the seller of the home we purchased made for us that we did not have to make for the buyer of the home we were selling. It was evident in both interactions (as we sold and as we bought) that having CJ on our side saved us 1000’s of dollars.

Communication – I would hope that all agents have clear lines of communications with their client…EVEN, when it may not be what you want to hear. He also was very real and respectful with us ensuring that we were realistic in our expectations, timelines, and probably most important with each other.

There are probably many things Chris did that helped the entire buy and sell process that I am missing, simply because he just did them! Now that you have read this far do yourself a favor…and work with him.

Tyler, Alicia, Jade and Jaxon S.